DMT 154: SFX IPO, Byrne & streaming, Rdio gets Stratos, Miley at n.1, Pandora & more…

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Incubus manager Steve Rennie ( / @renman1) and journalists Eliot Van Buskirk ( / @listeningpost) and David Downs ( / @davidrdowns) for a discussion that covered SFX’s IPO on NASDAQ, David Byrne’s recent Guardian op-ed on streaming, Rdio’s Stratos documentary exclusive, iTunes being more expensive than Amazon, Miley Cyrus’ n.1 in the UK and US, Pandora’s artist stance and much more.

And you can find links to the stories we covered (and the ones we didn’t get the time to cover) here:

I really hope you enjoy this week’s show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli


00:24 Introduction
02:23 IPO of SFX Entertainment, debuted on NASDAQ last week and became the first public company built on EDM. Our guests give their thoughts on this music IPO…
09:24 David Byrne, author of “How music works” weighed in on the streaming debate in the Guardian, we discuss his points and where the conversation should head next…
20:44 Rdio came out this week with a free exclusive stream of the Redbull Stratos documentary, are we going to see more of these promotions from streaming services?
32:34 A study confirmed this week that iTunes a lot more expensive than Amazon. Are people ever going to make the switch based on price?
41:57 There’s no such thing as bad press as Miley Cyrus scores a n.1 album in both the US and UK. What does this tell us?
49:39 Pandora had an interesting interview with CNET saying it’d like to see artists get paid more. But by whom?
01:00:24 Wrap-up & and upcoming projects from our guests…

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