DMT 156: YouTube Music subs, Troy Carter’s fund, SFX, SoundCloud at a 1/4 billion users

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Benji Rogers (Pledge Music) and Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown) to the show.
We chat about the latest reports surrounding the upcoming arrival of a YouTube music subscription service, Google’s reported $5m investment into Lyor Cohen’s new music venture (and why is Google getting into the content business?), SoundCloud reaching a quarter billion monthly users and hooking up with Instagram, SFX’s new acquisitions, Troy Carter’s startup fund, Ontario’s $45m music fund, the funding the situation in the UK and US and much, much more!

You can find the links to all the articles/stories mentioned in the shownotes here:

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’til next time

Andrea Leonelli

00:00 Introduction
01:55 YouTube seems to very close to rolling out its new subscription service which will have both a free and a paid tier. We debate whether YouTube is gunning for Spotify with this new service or is the demographic slightly different?
13:54 Its appears that Google has invested around £5m in a new music venture by Lyor Cohen former Warner Music Executive, why is Google interested in getting into the content side of things, does this seem like a smart move for them?
18:55 Soundcloud has reached a quarter of a billion monthly unique users onto the platform, this is a very fast growth, plus they also announced an integration with Instagram, what next?
26:48 SFX got hold of development house Arc90, Fame House and and also music start up Tunezy this week, where is it heading?
34:45 Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager and head of Atom Factory announced a new fund for tech start ups worth between $75-100m. Carter is very tech oriented, is this a good move for him and will it spur more managers to take a chance on technology companies?
44:40 Ontario has approved a $45m fund to be rolled out over 3 years for music, in contrast how is the funding space developing in the UK and Plegde Music in US?
54:54 Outro

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