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DMT 159: Spotify, Goldieblox,, Soundrop, The Echo Nest, Rdio & CMT

A packed show this week on Digital Music Trends featuring Jim Carroll (Irish Times) and Ben Sisario (New York Times). We discuss the latest round of funding at Spotify and music tech investments in 2013,’s demise, Soundrop on Deezer, The Echo Nest’s new advertising play, Goldieblox vs Beastie Boys, the end of the road for Winamp, Rdio’s cuts, U2’s latest, CMT’s partnership with Clear Channel and much more…

If you’d like to read up on the stories we discussed on the show go and check out our shownotes here:

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Andrea Leonelli

One thought on “DMT 159: Spotify, Goldieblox,, Soundrop, The Echo Nest, Rdio & CMT”

  1. I think that the Beastie Boys were quite nice about the whole viral thing, it seems like it really got into a gray area there but one part is clear Goldie Blox is the winner, 12 million views and even more publicity from the fight.

    Also wanted to note that Karim’s post on investment in the music sector was incredibly helpful and was one of the rare articles this year that contained nothing but relevant information. Thanks Andrea for adding the link to the show notes!

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