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DMT 161: Free Spotify for All, Music Gift Guide, Beatport, Pandora’s Alarm

This week on Digital Music Trends from Andrea Leonelli, Duncan Geere (duncangeere.comDave Allen (north.com) and Virginie Berger (dbth.fr)  chat about Spotify’s NYC announcement revealing free access to both tablet and mobile users and its potential impact as well as the company’s exclusive deal with Led Zeppelin, we also chat about our music tech wish lists for Christmas, Beatport‘s layoffs, Pandora‘s alarm (and the little things that make a difference), multi-platform music services and much more.

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I really hope you enjoy the show – this week recorded in 4  countries and 3 time zones –  have a great week and ’till next time

Andrea Leonelli

One thought on “DMT 161: Free Spotify for All, Music Gift Guide, Beatport, Pandora’s Alarm”

  1. I disagree that the catalogues are finite, the web has shown that there is more music coming online everyday. There will always be more music than we could ever possibly consume. In terms of existing catalogues, sure, Led Zeppelin’s formal catalogue is finite. But when you think of all of the concert footage, exclusive performances, edits, etc. You see that it’s not. There will always be those extras which services like Spotify will not be able to manage.

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