dmt 164 around the world

DMT 164: Around the World in 2013

This week on Digital Music Trends a show presenting extracts from the interviews I carried out over the course of 2013 at Midem, SXSW, The World Creators Summit, Music Connected, Future Music Camp and more.

From digital distributors to major labels to artists, startups and government¬†representatives, there’s a bit of everything in this year recap.¬†You can of course find the full-length versions of the interviews carried out by Digital Music Trends on the Soundcloud and YouTube¬† channels.

Includes extracts of my interviews with Lang Lang, Jean-Michel Jarre, Axel Dauchez (Deezer), Robert Ashcroft (PRS for Music), Maria Pallante (US Copyrights Office), Katie McMahon (Soundhound), Brian Felsen (CDBaby), Kevin Wortis (Girlie Action), Benji Rogers (Pledge Music), Vickie Nauman (7Digital), Theda Sandiford (Republic Records), Eric Davich (Songza), Ulysses Huppauff (Odyssey Music Network), Peter Burgner (BMW), Lucy Blair, Laura Kirkpatrick (Spotify), Ebony Rhiney-James (Sony Music).

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and happy new year!

Andrea Leonelli

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