DMT 166: Streaming numbers, Pandora, Mixcloud, Whyd,, Samsung+Deezer

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to chat with Andrew Dubber (Birmingham City University, Music Tech Fest), and Camille Ainsworth (Charm Factory), we discuss the latest Nielsen data on streaming in the US, Pandora’s growth, Mixcloud’s new website, Whyd’s funding, the potential partnership between Samsung and Deezer, acquiring Topsify’s playlists, the power of curation and much more…

You can find out links to all the stories discussed in the shownotes here.

You can find out all about Andrew Dubber on and about Music Tech Fest on, and you can find out more about Charm Factory on

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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