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DMT 167: Beats Music debut, Kim Dotcom’s Baboom, Spotify merch integration

This week on Digital Music Trends I chat with Eamonn FordeLucas Gonze and Adam Webb in a very streaming-oriented show kicking off with the headline story that is the launch of Beats Music in the United States and its potential impact on the streaming market. We also cover Kim Dotcom’s soft launch of Baboom, Spotify’s merch integration via TopSpin as well as the lifting of its time limits for users of the ad-supported version internationally, Rdio’s new ad-supported service in the US and much more…

You can find all the links to the stories we talked about (and a few that we didn’t get the chance to cover) right here: You can also find Eamonn’s story on Kim Dotcom on the Music Ally website here and Lucas’ current project 2ndline TV here.

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I really hope you enjoyed this week’s episode, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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