DMT 172: Warner & Shazam, American Idol, SongCoin, SoundFocus, wearables

Joining me on Digital Music Trends this week Eliot Van Buskirk from and Jay Cole from, we chat about Warner’s deal with Shazam, 19 Recordings’ suit against Sony Music on American Idol royalties, YouTube’s new playlist features, SongCoin (what is it?), SoundFocus raising capital to save our ears, the Brits ratings drop, the World Mobile Congress and what’s next in the wearable space when it comes to dealing with content.

Also, in the show I reference to the charity Pablove, founded by the the president of Elektra Records and his wife to fund pediatric cancer research, their annual Rock’n’Roll Golf Tournament is coming up in LA on the 4th of April so if you’re interested check out

You can find all the links to the stories we talked about (and links to the stories we didn’t have time to cover) in the show notes here. 

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Have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

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