DMT 177: BandPage, Spotify, TV boxes,, Topspin Platform, Ultra Music

A dense show this week on Digital Music Trends featuring J Herskowitz and Brian Felsen as well as – for the first few minutes – J Sider CEO at BandPage talking about their latest funding round.
This week we also discuss Spotify’s redesign for its desktop and iOS apps, Rdio on the Chromecast, the launch of the Amazon Fire TV box, axing its radio product and re-focusing on recommendations, Topspin Platform finding a home with BandMerch and Cinder Block via Transorm Capital, Ultra Music Festival’s troubles in Miami, MusicQBed’s latest numbers and the quest for a lower price point for streaming, The Filter returning to the music data space with its Responsive Radio product and much more!

You can find the show notes here.

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Andrea Leonelli

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