DMT 178: YouTube Music, Gracenote, Rhapsody, Music Matters, Australia, Beggars Group, Big Sound

This week on Digital Music Trends a massive show spanning several continents and featuring Jasper Donat (Music Matters) from Hong Kong and Nick O’Byrne (AIRBig Sound) from Melbourne as well as appearances from Ty Roberts (co-founder & CTO at Gracenote) from San Francisco and Paul Springer (SVP of Americas and Chief Product Officer at Rhapsody) from Seattle.

We chat about YouTube Music’s reported delays, Vivendi’s sale of SFR, Gracenote Rhythm’s integration of Deezer track data, the latest from Music Matters which takes place next month, the decline of the Australian music market, the Beggars Group announcing a re-evaluation of the 50/50 split for streaming royalties, the Big Sound conference and Rhapsody’s latest numbers.

In the “best from the rest” at the end of the show AIM’s new startup loan initiative, Prince opens a music publishing company and Bacardi makes music with Austin’s bats.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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