DMT 180: Beats Music, Shazam & iOS8, RSD 2014, Pre-1972 suit, Premium Milk, Rock in Rio USA

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This week on Digital Music Trends two great guests: Stephen O’Reilly (CMO at and Stuart Dredge (Journalist at Music AllyThe Guardian) as well as an appearance by Spencer Hickman (Death Waltz Records, UK Coordinator of Record Store Day).

This week on the show we talk about Beat Music’s introduction of in-app payments on its iOS app and the recent articles suggesting the service hasn’t had a flying start, the reports of Shazam being integrated into iOS 8 and what that would mean for both the company and Apple, the reports on Record Store Day 2014 which was very successful but raised a few criticisms from the independent label community, the new lawsuit against Pandora from majors and the RIAA as they seek to get compensated for pre-1972 recordings, Samsung announcing 380k Milk app downloads but considering a premium tier, Rock in Rio’s plans for the first Las Vegas edition and much, much more. This weeks’ show notes with links to all the stories are here.

I really hope you enjoy the show, if you did subscribe to the channel or to the newsletter on, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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