DMT 181: AIM’s Music Connected,, Rdio, Pandora, Facebook, Deezer, the Glove & more

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This week on Digital Music Trends a feature-film length show featuring both the week’s news with the help of Chandler Coyle ( and eight short interviews recorded AIM‘s Digital Music conference Music Connected with the likes of Moshi MoshiMusic GlueMillion Media, Play MPESynkioAbsolute Marketing and the Secretly Label Group.

In the news we chat about’s uncertain future as a key investor pulls funding, Rdio aiming for higher quality audio, Pandora’s Q1, Deezer losing its CEO, Facebook’s music-related news from F8, the numbers of Spotify’s deal with Sprint, Imogen Heap’s Kickstarter and much more. Find show notes & links here.

Below a list of the speakers I interviewed at Music Connected.
I really hope you enjoy the show, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Stephen Bass, Co-founder of Moshi Moshi
Mark Meharry, CEO at Music Glue
Neil Cartwright, Million Media
Iain Catling, AudioSalad
Alen Vitasovic, PlayMPE
Adam Cardew, Head of Digital at Absolute Marketing & distribution
Ben Perreau, Founder of Synkio
Hannah Overton, Secretly Label Group

Andrea Leonelli

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