DMT 184: Spotify Business, SoundCloud & Twitter, Deadmau5 subs, Digital Medieval, Lovelive TV

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This week a really packed episode of Digital Music Trends: my guests are Christiane Kinney ( & partner at LeClairRyan) and Alejandro Marin ( &, but on this show we also have appearances from Andreas Liffgarden co-founder of Soundtrack Your Brand who talks to us about Spotify Business, the CEO of Upfront Ray Lee the company that created the Deadmau5 subscription app and an extract from my interview with Jeremy Silver on his new book Digital Medieval.

On this week’s show of course the we cover the short-lived possibility of Twitter acquiring SoundCloud, the lawsuit against Beats Music, the Michael Jackson hologram at the Billboard Music Awards, the majors making an investment in Shazam, and Lovelive tv launching on LG smart TVs.

I really hope you enjoy the show and please do send any feedback you may have on what we talked about or on stories we may have missed out on to or to @digimusictrends on Twitter.

Have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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