DMT 187: Brazilian Music Industry Special

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This week on Digital Music Trends a special show focusing on the Brasilian Music Industry. It was an absolute pleasure chat about the state and evolution of the music market in Brazil with Luciana Pegorer,  Managing Director of ABMI Рthe Brazilian Independent Music Association РMarcelo Soares, the CEO of Som Livre Рthe biggest independent music label in Brazil Рand Robert Singerman, head of the Brasil Music Exchange in North America.

We cover a huge variety of topics including the evolution of the Brazilian music market over the past 20 years, the impact of digital services and the different approaches seen so far in terms of commercial partnerships, licensing local catalogue to new international services, collection societies, the importance of music videos, the importance of YouTube for digital music revenues and the current indie battle around its streaming service, the impact of the World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games on the local music industry.

I really hope you enjoy this show, it was really great fun preparing it and researching the Brazilian market.

Have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli


2:50 We discuss what the music market was like before the digital revolution in the early 2000’s.
6:30 Luciana tells us how she went about setting up Delira Musica during a time when the music industry in Brazil was going through a rough patch.
10:25 Robert tells us about how he got into the Brazilian music industry.
14:15 We cover the evolution of digital music in Brazil over the past few years.
19:15 Spotify just launched in Brazil, will it have an impact?
21:00 Do music services with partnerships with telcos have a better chance of success?
23:25 How are streaming services coming from abroad approaching the licensing of local catalog?
26:05 How are international companies approaching the independent sector?
29:00 What are the key collecting societies to look out for in Brazil and how do they operate?
31:20 Marcelo tells about his experience at Som Livre as both a publisher and a label.
32:20 What is the reaction of people interested in getting into the Brazilian market? Is it easy or hard?
34:00 Music videos are one of the biggest earners for the Brazilian music Industry. What kind of sales do they generate?
36:20 How is the industry addressing the recent controversy around YouTube’s streaming music service given that a large part of the digital music revenues in Brazil come from YouTube?
41:10 Since the end of 2013 CD’s and DVD’s featuring local performers are sold tax free. How did this come about and what effect has it had?
45:00 Marcelo tells us how he dealt with licensing issues concerning international hits from artists under the label
48:40 Has interest in the Brazilian music increased over the last few years leading to the World Cup? Has the independent sector benefitted?

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