DMT 209: YouTube Music Key, Applebeats, VEVO, Gracenote, Bandcamp, LiveOne, Adrev

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This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Jimmy Chamberlin (CEO, LiveOne & original drummer, Smashing Pumpkins) and Brian Felsen (CEO, AdRev) to the show.

We open with the launch of YouTube Music Key, though it can be called a “low-key debut” as it’s invite-only for now (drum roll).

We also cover the breaking news that Apple may integrate Beats into iOS as early as March 2015 and then discuss Gracenote’s Entourage, Bandcamp considering a subscription feature, Uber’s partnership with Spotify, BitTorrent Bundles opening up to everyone and much more.

We also hear from Jimmy and Brian about their respective companies, LiveOne and Adrev, so this is a show you shouldn’t miss!

Have a fantastic week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli


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