DMT 211: UK Copyright, Apple’s iPod suit, Blinkbox, adding up royalties, Instagram

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This week on Digital Music Trends it was a real pleasure to welcome Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin and 11 Advisory) and Eamonn Forde (Music Ally, The Guardian & more).

We start by examining the copyright exceptions introduced in the UK and talk about the judicial review process that is being initiated by music industry bodies who believe that that these exceptions should have been accompanied by levies on blank media.

We also chat about Apple’s class action antitrust lawsuit that is unfolding in an Oakland court this week, Tesco’s attempts to offload Blinkbox with Vodafone as a potential buyer, Cooking Vinyl launching a new royalty company and Kobalt opening up its Portal to its Label Services Clients. Finally we discuss artist’s use of Instagram to promote a release.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

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