Andrea Leonelli, Chandler Coyle, Joel T. Jordan, Mark Frieser

DMT 226: The Tide Turns Against TIDAL, Music on Consoles, Coachella, SynchTank

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This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Chandler Coyle (Music Geek Services, Berklee), Mark Frieser (Syncsummit) to chat about the week’s news. The show also features an interview with Joel T. Jordan from Synchtank.

Inevitably we open the show by chatting extensively about TIDAL’s press conference. Just 4 days after the (in)famous event the tide seems to have turned against the company given the many obvious issues with the service.

We discuss the upcoming Syncsummit London event, the integration of Spotify into the Playstation and what the console market means for music subscriptions and finally Coachella’s renewed partnership with YouTube to livestream the festival.

The show also incorporates an interview with Joel T. Jordan, the founder of the company Synchtank, specialised in online catalogue management & licensing software for publishers, labels and other industry professionals.

I really hope you enjoy this week’s podcast, have a great week and ’till next time!

(Andrea Leonelli)

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