DMT 229: Believe Digital, Guvera, TIDAL, EDM, Spotify ads, Furious 7

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This week it was a real pleasure to welcome to the show Larry Miller (Associate Professor of Music Business at NYU & host of Musonomics podcast) and Taishi Fukuyama, founder of Japan market entry, business development agency PRTL.

We start by talking about an acquisition that caught everyone by surprise, that of Tunecore by Believe Digital, do the two companies complement one another?

Also on the show we discuss TIDAL’s slide the iOS apps chart, Guvera announcing reaching 10m users, the value of dance music in the US estimated to be $1.9bn, Spotify’s advertising growth and new publishing appointment and finally the incredible performance of the Furious 7 soundtrack and a question, why the resurgence of OSTs over the past couple of years?

I really hope you enjoy this week’s show, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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