DMT 89 – Rjdj’s Dimensions

This week on the show an interview with Martin Roth, CTO of Rjdj a company that specializes in reactive music.

I had featured the company on DMT back in Episode 43 but so much has happened since then! After the tremendous success of their Inception project Rjdj is about to unveil a new app called Dimensions so we learn all about it a month before release. The app promieses the best reactive music experience ever! 

Check out the app’s website at where the company will post teasers and news in the run-up to the release in early December. Make sure you have a look at the intro video as well as that will give you a good sense of what to expect from Dimensions. 

DMT Episode 89 – RJDJ’s Dimensions by digitalmusictrends


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