DMT March Sponsor: MusicGraph


MusicGraph is a new service developed by Senzari providing a complete set of tools for developers and music scientists where they are able to not only push/pull data, but also access real-time contextual recommendations, low-level audio signal data and search functionality across the entire music universe.

MusicGraph’s products are all accessible via the company’s API (on and are divided in three main categories:

Graph Search engine that allows for multi-variable querying across billions of music facts.

Playlisting engine capable of producing personalized and contextualized real time music recommendations

Music Data engine providing access to low level acoustic features, such as tempo, chords, etc. as well as lyrical features lyrical features and social stats, like followers and play counts, across thousands of artists.

MusicGraph is co-sponsoring DMT’s coverage of SXSW and of the Miami Music Summit 2014. The summit is in fact is organised by MusicGraph’s parent company Senzari and will take place on the 24th of March 2014.


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