Ep. 16: Ste Thompson, CEO at Powster (DMT 1-2-1)

This week on the 1-2-1 show I interview Ste Thompson, CEO of the company Powster (www.powster.com) which provides bespoke advertising concepts and builds for the entertainment industries. We look at the company’s recent work with Newton Faulkner (ongoing, check out studiozoo.newtonfaulkner.com), Plan B and Rudimental and more generally about how to make an impact online with creative campaigns, how to choose the right platform and engage fans.

00:10 Intro
00:30 What do you do at Powster and how did you start out?
01:47 So you’re blending roles that in the past may have been handled by different teams, is this something that is happening across the board or is it still a relatively new idea?
04:18 It must be difficult to know that you’re under that pressure to deliver a product that is highly creative but at the same time where you have to deliver metrics. Do you worry about both?
06:44 Let’s chat about a few of your most recent project, first up Newton Faulkner, how did you approach that campaign?
09:40 and interesting to see an alternative use of Livestream that is not just gigs right?
11:20 And now let’s chat about your Plan B project, what angle did you take on that?
14:00 Looking at how labels are placing these campaigns, is there a lot of push on maximising revenue alongside the exposure or are they just keen to build engagement?
16:00 And finally let’s talk about the campaign that you are doing with Rudimental
19:27 How do you decide where to place the campaigns? Youtube’s the obvious answer but there are other places that may be able to drive higher quality traffic, how do you choose?
21:50 Thanks and outro

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!
Andrea Leonelli

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