Ep.18: Nico Perez, co-founder at Mixcloud (DMT 1-2-1)

This week on the 1-2-1 show I chat with Nico Perez, co-founder at Mixcloud. The company’s mission is to re-think radio end create a bridge between traditional radio, internet radio, podcasting and DJ mixes. On the show we chat about the successful launch of the new iOS app, the plans for an improved Android app, expansion in the US, the challenges of supporting different ecosystems, the internet radio space in the UK, the company’s bootstrapped growth and much more. Check out http://www.mixcloud.com or check out their apps on iOS and Android.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

Interview timeline:

0:00 Introduction and guest introduction
00:45 Latest developments with Mixcloud, starting off with mobile. We discuss the iPhone app and the impact of Apple featuring it
02:25 Discussion about the process of creating the best app possible, for example incorporating certain feature’s or behaviours to make the app more attractive and efficient
03:35 What’s the general behaviour of content creators on Mixcloud as far as inputting good metadata while uploading files and how are you assisting them with it?
05:03 Any news on your Android presence and any plans for the smart TV space?
06:31 Challenges that smaller developers face as far as creating applications for multiple operating systems
07:20 Is there a particular reason why UK seems to be lagging behind other markets in the Internet radio space?
09:13 You have a large US base portion of your user base resides in the US, do you notice a patterns or clusters of listeners in specific areas?
09:40 Any future plans of expansion there (US)?
10:27 I have utter respect for Mixcloud for taking the business this far essentially bootstrapped, any plans in the future to raise funding if circumstances change?
11:50 Every day we’re bombarded by news of startups raising millions in funding, how important is for a new business to assess whether they need that funding or if they can actually take the project quite far and retain full ownership of their company?
13:20 Outro, check out www.mixcloud.com & download the new app!

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