Ep.22: Ally Gray, CEO at EmuBands (DMT 1-2-1)

In this week’s DMT 1-2-1 show I chat with Ally Gray, CEO of digital music distribution service EmuBands. We talk about the company’s model, its customer base, streaming services, new partners and more…

Andrea Leonelli

0:00 Introduction
0:49 What is EmuBand all about?
02:11 How do bands react to EmuBand’s fixed fee for digital distribution?
03:30 Have you noticed a change in pattern in the way artists decide to structure their releases through the year (Albums vs EPs vs Singles)?
04:50 How do you keep track of all the releases coming into the system and match them to possible sync opportunities?
06:20 How do you find your own artists react towards streaming services and the revenues debate?
07:42 Do you have any international artists, from Asia for example, that are using your services to break into the Western market?
08:47 Out of the total traffic coming from the UK, how much is specifically from Scotland, and how’s the scene in Scotland at the moment?
10:02 What would say is the most vibrant city in Scotland in terms of the music scene?
11:00 With new companies coming into the field every week how do you select digital partners that it’s worth making a deal with?
11:58 Outro

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