Ep.4: Sarth Calhoun and Marni Wandner – DMT 1-2-1

This week on DMT 1-2-1 two great interviews, first with Sarth Calhoun and then with Marni Wandner.

Sarth Calhoun is a NY based artist who has worked extensively with Lou Reed as part of the Metal Machine Trio and collaborated on his Lulu album with Metallica. Sarth has recently released an interactive app called “The Book of Sarth“, which combines his music with a rich and compelling storyline aided by great artwork/animation, it takes place in a dystopian future where all music has disappeared from the world. In the interview we cover a lot of ground chatting about the creation of the app and practical difficulties around that, the concept for “The Book of Sarth” and the reasoning behind the dystopian tale, making the music available outside of the app and his favorite tools to create music.

In the second part of the show I chat to Marni Wandner, president at Sneak Attack Media a digital promotion and creative services company that has been involved in many music projects. We chat about Sneak Attack’s involvement in Sarth’s app as well as their involvement in the Ghost Beach campaign which recently made headlines with its¬†http://www.artistsvsartists.com/¬†website and the work with The Black Angels crowdsourcing artwork for a Pitchfork Advance feature via Instagram.

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Andrea Leonelli
Digital Music Trends – digitalmusictrends.com

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