Ep.46: Mel Brown from Impressive PR (DMT 1-2-1)

This week on the DMT 1-2-1 show an interview with Mel Brown, founder of Impressive PR, recorded at MIDEM 2014. Impressive has handled PR for bands like Snow Patrol, Muse, Coldplay and many more over the years, in this interview we chat about the evolution of music PR, the importance of discovering new bands, the independent music scene in the UK and the biggest do’s and don’t’s for bands when getting in touch with a PR agency.


00:45 What does Impressive PR do?
02:15 In recent years there has definitely been a shift towards digital as far as the industry in concerned, how has this affected the way in which PR agencies conduct their business?
03:49 These days in the US often PR firms have to do a bit of marketing as well as there is often a crossover. How do you deal with that in the UK?
06:27 How would quantify the impact of print?
08:20 You also act as an A&R in the sense that you get so many submissions by indie bands that want you to represent them, how much time do you spend listening to new acts?
10:20 When it comes to established artists there needs to be a great amount of coordination between PR, digital people, label etc. Do you find the ecosystem is helpful in making this communication happen efficiently?
11:36 What are the biggest Do’s and Don’t’s for artists when in comes to getting in touch with a PR company?
12:35 The independent scene in the UK has become healthier and grown over the years, do you think this trend will continue?

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

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