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Ep.53: Splice – streamlining the process of creating and sharing music

This week on the DMT 1-2-1 Show I chat with Steve Martocci (CEO) and Matt Aimonetti (CTO), co-founders of the startup Splice. Splice – currently in private beta – aims to streamline the process of creating music by becoming the “GitHub for musicians”.

Splice constantly backs up projects in the cloud (every single version) and artists/producers can visualize the changes made to each stage of the project as well as share it with collaborators who can contribute. Whilst still in private beta, Splice is already looking like a powerful way to streamline the workflow for musicians and give birth to a dynamic community based on collaborations. Currently the software works only with Ableton but support for other DAWs is coming soon.

Check it out onĀ http://www.splice.com and sign up to try it out.

Andrea Leonelli

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