Ep.61: Jeremy Silver, Author of Digital Medieval (DMT 1-2-1)

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This week on Digital Music Trends I interview Jeremy Silver, Author of the newly released book Digital Medieval: The First Twenty Years of Music on the Web …and the Next Twenty. Jeremy has had over 20 years of experience in the music industry and now is Executive Chairman at Semetric (the company behind MusicMetric).

On the show we chat about the origins of the book and the concept behind “Digital Medieval”, the influence of today’s tech giants, his work at Virgin Records and EMI, the failure of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), the future of direct to fan, his experience as CEO of the Featured Artist Coalition and his thoughts on where the music industry is heading.

You can check out Jeremy’s website on http://www.mediaclarity.com and as for Digital Medieval you can grab a copy of the book on Amazon here: http://georiot.co/3MMq

I really hope you enjoy this week’s 1-2-1 show, have a fantastic week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

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