Ep.63: Damien Tardieu from Niland, a music search and recommendation startup (DMT 1-2-1)

This week on the DMT 1-2-1 show an interview with Damien Tardieu, the co-founder and CEO of Paris-based startup Niland (http://www.niland.io).

The company aims to improve music search and recommendations by taking a music-centric approach based on the analysis of thousands of data points in a song that are rendered into an algorithm. The system is then able to identify similar-sounding tracks.

The company’s first API-based product¬†Siilar¬†is out now and is primarily aimed at music libraries, distributors and publishers, but Niland is also working on a broader music recommendation product that will take into account social media and personal user data to refine its recommendations.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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