Ep.8: Michela Magas, Stromatolite & Music Tech Fest – DMT 1-2-1

This week on the DMT 1-2-1 show Michela Magas, co-founder of Stromatolite and founder of Music Tech Fest.
Stromatolite is a design research lab started in 2000. The company was involved with iTunes in the early days, worked on concepts with a number of brands then moved to academic research-based projects for innovation primarily in the music space. We talk about the importance of research and how sometimes business models emerge as a new technology gains mass adoption in ways that were not foreseeable before.
Stromatolite has been working with a variety of companies including CUEsongs and has generated a spin-off in the form of Sonaris Systems which is an audio analysis tool that helps match a specific part of a piece of music with a similar section of another track – based on musical phrases rather than an entire song.
We also talk about Music Tech Fest which started in 2012 as a way to bring together technology, music, industry and consumers in a festival of music ideas. Music Tech Fest takes place in London between the 17th to the 19th of May and is free to attend, get your free ticket on musictechefest.eventbrite.co.uk/.
Also Check out www.stromatolite.com and www.musictechfest.org

Andrea Leonelli

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