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Today’s music industry is a pretty complex territory to navigate. Thankfully on top of your weekly dose of DMT (excuse the pun…) there are many excellent resources to keep on top of what’s happening. Here are a few of the best….




The Gramofon is a small box that can turn any of your existing speakers into a wireless sound system controlled with your phone directly from the Spotify app. It started out as a successful Kickstarter project and now delivers a seamless experience by handing off the stream from your phone to the device ensuring that your music experience is not interrupted by your phone’s app notifications, phone calls or messages.  


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Play MPE®  has been providing secure music distribution and promotional services to the world’s largest labels for over 10 years. Many of DMT’s readers will already be familiar with their services but if you’re not I would encourage you to visit PlayMPE.com.


Omnifone, the leading B2B cloud music provider powering global music services including Sony Music Unlimited, Guvera, Rara and Sirius XM.  Find out more on www.omnifone.com


MusicGraph the world’s first knowledge engine for music, available as a consumer app and as a  “graph API” for developers check out musicgraph.com or developer.musicgraph.com.


CI – Whether you are a record label, a distributor, an aggregator, the CI Media Platform connects your music to more digital services than anyone else. CI continues to add new features and new connections to provide all users of the CI Media Platform with a powerful competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.


Sheridans is a media law firm representing artists, labels and music startups.  Artist clients include Pink Floyd, Deadmau5, Robbie Williams and Dizzee Rascal. Corporate clients include Glassnote Records, Peer Music, We7 and Real World.


CMU - The Complete Music Update

The CMU website is a great resource for news on music and the music industry. They also have a great podcast so make sure you check them out! 


On Renman Music & Business, long time music industry veteran and former Incubus manager Steve Rennie offers real world advice on how to navigate today’s music business. Our channel offers hundreds of tips from the top artists and music professionals in the business.

The Midem Blog

The Midem Blog is a great forum for interesting opinions and articles on the evolution of the digital music industry.

DIY Musician Podcast

The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews and discussions about a wide variety of topics related to music promotion and the new music business. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 13.21.54

Rockol.com brings you the latest news in the music world – both mainstream and industry-oriented.  
The Pablove Foundation is an LA-based charity that funds pediatric cancer research and has programs for kids living with cancer, like their photography program called PabloveShutterbugs. The organization was founded by Elektra Records president Jeff Castelaz and his wife Jo Ann Thrailkill,  The charity is organising its second Rock’n’Roll Golf Tournament in LA on the 4th of April, if you’re interested head to this page for all the details: http://pablove.org/lagolf.

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