An interview with Mandar Thakur from Times Music India – DMT at MIDEM 2014

Digital Music Trends brings you some insights on the Indian music market thanks to this interview with Mandar Thakur, Chief Operating Officer at Times Music India, one of the largest independent music entities in the country. We chat about the structure of the industry, how music promotion works, streaming services, YouTube and lots more!

00:45 Tell us a little about Times Music
01:53 Are the models that are applied in India very similar to the ones applied in the UK or US as far as licensing, royalties, record sales etc?
04:30 Are the majors present in India and what are their market shares?
08:25 As India’s music scene is directly linked to the movie industry, how do you get fans to know about your music?
09:55 What are the largest music streaming services in India?
The biggest challenge for 3rd party streaming services will be to be able to license the catalog that they need to actually become an appealing service to the country. What are your thoughts on this issue?

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