Midem 2013

– Digital Music Trends at Midem 2013 interviews Virginie Berger, founder of strategy and development firm Don’t Believe The Hype (virginieberger.com). We chat about Tumblr, artists managing their web presence, Midem, the importance of emerging markets with examples from Morocco to Congo. Follow Virginie on twitter @virberg


– DMT chats to Daniel Savage and Andrew Teacher from the music analytics company Musicmetric. We talk about their new round of funding, a deal with Spotify, expansion plans, the importance of analytics and availability of data.

– At Midem 2013 I talk to Dick Huey, founder of digital marketing company Toolshed. We talk about how he got started in the industry, his relationship with Beggars Banquet, his first clients with Toolshed, working with Spotify, the start and importance of A2iM (American Association of Independent Music) and more.

– Probably the most shambolic but certainly the funniest recorded chat I’ve had at Midem 2013 here’s my catch-up with Martyn Davies (Sendgrid, MusicHackDay) and Syd Lawrence (Twilio, WeMakeAwesomeSh.it). We talk about Midem Hack Day, general hacking, the relationship of developers with the music industry and much more…

– As part of the Midem 2013 DMT coverage I caught up with Helienne Lindvall (@helienne), singer-songwriter and Guardian columnist. We chat about the Midem panel she was part of “Music For Everyone”, and also talk about Youtube, Pandora, accountability, streaming rates and more.

– At Midem 2013 I had a chat with Ryan Walsh from Pulselocker. Pulselocker is a streaming service as well as a music store squarely aimed at DJs. Ryan explains how the service came about, its development, technology and future plans.

– The CEO of MusixMatch Max Ciociola talks to DMT about the new round of funding, reaching 10 million mobile users, the birth and evolution of the company, licensing challenges, future development and much more. Tune in to find out all about one of the most exciting companies working in the lyrics space.

DMT catches up with Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer. We talk about:
– the Midemlab competition
– API integrations
– content curation
– going global and licensing challenges
– carrier partnerships
– and more…


– On Day 3 of Midem 2013 DMT interviews one of the most famous classical musicians in the world: Lang Lang. We talk about
– The role of technology in music consumption
– Piano culture in China
– Collaborating with non-classical musicians
– The process of working and recording in a studio environment
– Music education
– Lossless audio formats
– Bringing classical music to larger venues.

Check out http://www.digitalmusictrends.com for more interviews from Midem.

– Continuing the DMT coverage of Midem 2013 we wrap-up what was probably the busiest day at the conference with Emily White (Whitesmith Entertainment) and David Balfour (Record of the Day). We talk about the Direct-to-Fan camp, Digital Distribution, Crowd-Funding, Music Publishing, the Manager’s Role, Label Services, Live Crowd-Funding, the Relevance of Midem in 2013.

Day 2 of Midem 2013 and I caught up with Jez Bell, Chief Content Officer at Omnifone.Omnifone is a B2B provider of cloud-based music subscription services, powering Sony’s Music Unlimited Service, Blackberry Messenger Music Service and Rara.
Jez talks about the company’s plans in 2013 which include a way to allow smaller companies that would not otherwise be able to license a large catalog of tracks on their own to work with Omnifone, an exciting prospect given the limitations of the current “sandbox” proposition offered by labels to start-up. All this and more, so tune in for the full interview.]

It’s Day 2 of Midem 2013, Chris Wiltsee – head of business development at BandpPage – joins me for a chat on the evolution of the company. Bandpage has been working hard to become a best-in-class widget that allows bands to have a home-away-from-home on the web and that has already seen over 100,000 integrations across many different services. We talk about APIs, the diversification of the business and the impact of the Facebook’s Timeline. BandPage continues to deploy new integrations with services, only last week they finalized a deal with Pandora to leverage their knowledge of the user’s tastes with the user’s geolocation to serve up a calendar of concerts that they may be interested in attending. Tune in below for more.


The DMT Show at Midem 2013. It’s Midem time, and on top of the Digital Music Trends stand-alone interviews appearing on YouTube and Soundcloud I’m gathering some people to talk about the conference and the panels/events they have attended. On this first show Martin Bryant from The Next Web and Emmanuel Legrand from One Movement For Music. We talk about the 100 billion dollar industry panel, music publishing, Vyclone, Musicmetric, Samsung’s Mspot and more… Also in the show snippets of interviews with Urturn, Spins.fm, Kevin Wortis and JoyTunes.


The interview where Webdoc becomes Urturn: On this interview recorded at Midem 2013, Vincent Borel and Olivier de Simone announce the transformation of Webdoc into Urturn. Urturn is based on a flow of Expressions, all of which have a Urturn button for users to get involved/create their own version. Urturn will also have an accessible API which will allow third party developers to build some great Expressions on the new platform.

An interview with Spins.fm, Reinventing Radio Requests. On the first day of coverage of Midem 2013, Digital Music Trends talks to one of the most interesting start-ups in the MidemLab competition, Spins.fm, which created a new way for fans to request tracks by artists they love to their local station. The company’s CEO David Baker and data scientist Ben Weiss explain what got the company started and future plans. Spins.fm is available across the US and has just launched in Europe so look out for them!

– An interview with Kevin Wortis, Partner and Director of Label Services at Girlie Action.  where he worked with artists such as Amanda Palmer, The Cure, Marianne Faithful and UNKLE to name but a few. We talk about the evolution of the Label Services concept, the balance between keeping things in-house and outsourcing, the artist’s vision of a release, the potential of crowdfunding from both a release and live angle, the needs to be completely open with fans in a crowdfunded environment, digital distribution, the multiplication of tools for digital marketing and how to sift through them.

An interview with JoyTunes, the next generation of Music Education Apps. On the first day of Midem 2013 I catch up with Yigal Kaminka, co-founder and content manager of the start-up JoyTunes. The company produces a suite of iPad apps that aim to change the landscape of music education. The way music is taught has remained relatively stagnant for the past few hundred years: by creating apps that understand the sound of real instruments and can provide feedback to students while they play, JoyTunes is not replacing the role of real teachers but complementing it beautifully, balancing real educational aspects with games and competitions to encourage engagement.

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  1. Personally I’ve had it with acts like U2, who’ve been supported by tumecolmenications providers, alcohol distributors and other advertisers for over 15 years, telling me what’s wrong with the music industry. What’s wrong is people like McGuinness, who have no idea what it’s like to want to hear good music and have to go digging for it now like a frontiersman because all that’s out in the commercial market is over-produced shit and the only thing that’s played on the radio is said over-produced shit and rock that was created 45 years ago, and the other issues you’ve mentioned:-the industry’s failure to embrace the technology that buyers were-over-saturation of the market with crap-the complete failure of their relationship with radio to aggressively promote good music-and unchecked greed leading to over-pricing of aforementioned crap. I have supported internet radio and legitimate downloading sites for years, purchasing music directly from artists and indie labels, and it’s all GREAT, and almost none of it is on TV, in the movies or on the radio. I spend a fortune, and none of it goes to the music industry. I hope more people will become like me and let the whole thing go down in flames.Not that I’m ranting, or anything.

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