How to do Midem on a budget

How to do Midem on a budget

I decided to write “How to do Midem on a budget” a long 8 months ago after Midem 2013 to help newcomers (and longtime attendees with smaller budgets) save some money when going to Cannes for the annual music industry get-together. Of course things got in the way but finally a first version of the guide is here and I hope will be of some help!

The guide is completely free and requires no email sign-up, you can download it here. I do hope you’ll take some time to check out and the shows I’m producing every week, if you’re planning to go to Midem next year they should be right up your street. If you’d like to stay connected please do join the DMT newsletter below or follow the show on Twitter.

Please email any feedback on the guide to contact (at), it will be updated constantly so please email to point out any inaccuracies or with suggestions on more places to eat or drink (& any other ways to improve it…)

Andrea Leonelli

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