DMT 157: Digital Music Trends – Looking forward to the next 5 years

This week on Digital Music Trends a panel I moderated at Social Media Week a few weeks back featuring Dave Haynes (SoundCloud), Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut (Roli), Brittney Bean (Songdrop) and Ian Hogarth (Songkick).

On the panel we look to the future as we examine the macro trends transforming the way we create, sell and consume music. Which key trends are still to play out and which are just passing fads? Are we going to see as much innovation in the next five years as in the past five? This and lots more on this hour-long panel which goes to explore some of the issues that are at the core of “Digital Music Trends”…

DMT thanks Social Media Week ( for having us and recording the session.

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DMT 156: YouTube Music subs, Troy Carter’s fund, SFX, SoundCloud at a 1/4 billion users

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Benji Rogers (Pledge Music) and Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown) to the show.
We chat about the latest reports surrounding the upcoming arrival of a YouTube music subscription service, Google’s reported $5m investment into Lyor Cohen’s new music venture (and why is Google getting into the content business?), SoundCloud reaching a quarter billion monthly users and hooking up with Instagram, SFX’s new acquisitions, Troy Carter’s startup fund, Ontario’s $45m music fund, the funding the situation in the UK and US and much, much more!

You can find the links to all the articles/stories mentioned in the shownotes here:

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Andrea Leonelli

00:00 Introduction
01:55 YouTube seems to very close to rolling out its new subscription service which will have both a free and a paid tier. We debate whether YouTube is gunning for Spotify with this new service or is the demographic slightly different?
13:54 Its appears that Google has invested around £5m in a new music venture by Lyor Cohen former Warner Music Executive, why is Google interested in getting into the content side of things, does this seem like a smart move for them?
18:55 Soundcloud has reached a quarter of a billion monthly unique users onto the platform, this is a very fast growth, plus they also announced an integration with Instagram, what next?
26:48 SFX got hold of development house Arc90, Fame House and and also music start up Tunezy this week, where is it heading?
34:45 Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager and head of Atom Factory announced a new fund for tech start ups worth between $75-100m. Carter is very tech oriented, is this a good move for him and will it spur more managers to take a chance on technology companies?
44:40 Ontario has approved a $45m fund to be rolled out over 3 years for music, in contrast how is the funding space developing in the UK and Plegde Music in US?
54:54 Outro

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DMT 155: Telefonica/Rhapsody, Twitter Music,, HMV’s App, iTunes Radio

This week on Digital Music Trends a great panel featuring Steve Knopper (author and Rolling Stone contributing editor), Alejandro Marin ( and Radio DJ at La X Mas Musica) and Jules Parker (Polaroid Management). We chat about Telefonica’s deal with Rhapsody to get Napster bundled into mobile contracts as well as the demise of Terra Sonora in the process, Twitter #Music facing the axe according to the latest rumors, updating its iOS app, HMV’s PR department performing a miracle getting people to care about its app by picking up a fight with Apple, iTunes Radio reaching 20m users in a month, the David Letterman show pushing its own App and much more.

You can find the shownotes with links to all of this week’s stories here:

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DMT 154: SFX IPO, Byrne & streaming, Rdio gets Stratos, Miley at n.1, Pandora & more…

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Incubus manager Steve Rennie ( / @renman1) and journalists Eliot Van Buskirk ( / @listeningpost) and David Downs ( / @davidrdowns) for a discussion that covered SFX’s IPO on NASDAQ, David Byrne’s recent Guardian op-ed on streaming, Rdio’s Stratos documentary exclusive, iTunes being more expensive than Amazon, Miley Cyrus’ n.1 in the UK and US, Pandora’s artist stance and much more.

And you can find links to the stories we covered (and the ones we didn’t get the time to cover) here:

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00:24 Introduction
02:23 IPO of SFX Entertainment, debuted on NASDAQ last week and became the first public company built on EDM. Our guests give their thoughts on this music IPO…
09:24 David Byrne, author of “How music works” weighed in on the streaming debate in the Guardian, we discuss his points and where the conversation should head next…
20:44 Rdio came out this week with a free exclusive stream of the Redbull Stratos documentary, are we going to see more of these promotions from streaming services?
32:34 A study confirmed this week that iTunes a lot more expensive than Amazon. Are people ever going to make the switch based on price?
41:57 There’s no such thing as bad press as Miley Cyrus scores a n.1 album in both the US and UK. What does this tell us?
49:39 Pandora had an interesting interview with CNET saying it’d like to see artists get paid more. But by whom?
01:00:24 Wrap-up & and upcoming projects from our guests…

Andrea Leonelli, Emmanuel Legrand, Rob MacAllister

DMT 153: BBC’s Playlister, Muve Music, OneMusic,, the LSE paper and more

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to chat with Emmanuel Legrand (@legrandnetwork) and Rob MacAllister (@robowenmac). On this full show we cover the BBC launching the Playlister as a digital hub of all its music programming, HMV’s 5 point plan, Muve Music reaching 2 million subscribers in the US (but do they all care about music?), Spotify integrating Songkick data deeper into the Artist pages, New Zealand simple OneMusic license, NARM and becoming The Music Business Association, new startup Splice, the much-debated LSE Copyright and Creation paper, iTunes Radio rumored to come to the UK in early 2014 and much more.
And you can find the show notes of this week’s episode including links to all the stories on

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Andrea Leonelli

00:28 Introduction of show and guests
01:58 The BBC launches the Playlister
13:00 HMV
19:50 Muve Music reaches 2 million subscribers
28:33 Spotify integrates Songkick dates in Artist pages…
34:30 Information piece on Digital Service Providers and getting Deals done with Sheridans
38:05 New Zealand launches the OneMusic license for public performance
43:20 New startup Splice announces funding, plans on solving music collaboration conundrum
48:05 The LSE Copyright and Creation paper stir controversy, but is it well researched?
53:04 Narm and have been re-branded as the Music Business Association
56:20 Apple rumored to be launching iTunes Radio in the UK thanks to international deals made with labels

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