SXSW 2014 – An interview with Nagual Sounds, generating music through movement

SXSW 2014 Interview with Mark Moebius and Matthias Strobel from Nagual Sounds

1:00 What is the company all about and how did it all start?

2:10 How did the movement app come about and how did you develop it?

2:50 How do you make Nagual Dance intuitive for the general public?

3:43 How is this a step up from the tradition dance games you find in the malls?

4:45 Is the music that is being created completely original or popular music as well?

6:48 Is this all your own research or does it involve API integration?

7:30 How are you finding Berlin from a start-ups standpoint?

8:45 How are finding SXSW and what do you think it can bring to your company?

10:25 Can you see any other devices come into play that could integrate well with Nagual?

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