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Midem 2014 Pledge Music interview with CEO Benji Rogers and A&R Paul Barton

Andrea Leonelli from Digital Music Trends interviews Pledge Music.

01:00 What are the updates with Pledge Music on the product front?

02:14 What changes did Pledge Music have to make the service more suitable for the labels.

03:18 Have the artists evolved in the way they approach their campaigns? Specially those who are on their second or third campaign?

06:55 Looking at the community around pledge, have you seen more people come back to pledge purely because they are used to the platform now and invest in artist they might not have a personal connection with?

08:54 One of big success stories of last year was ‘The Rifles’, their Pledge music campaign played a big part in their success, how did the story unfold?

10:14 Where are you today and how has the team evolved in the last 12 months internationally?

11:34 Do you think there is a potential here to see a major artist over the next couple of years adopt a platform like Pledge?

14:00 There has been an incredible growth in the field of label services over the last 12 months, do you see that as a way to help you as a company to be able to make sure the artists get the service they need or refer them to label services?

15:20 Having an A&R as a part of a service that is not a label but as a bridge to find artists is very unique. How do you find that process?