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SXSW 2014: Ken Abdo, Vice President at Lommen Abdo

Andrea Leonelli from Digital Music Trends interviews Ken Abdo from Lommen Abdo.


01:00: What’s your background?
01:45 How was the experience of building an entertainment law firm in Minneapolis?
03:00 How much focus do you place on digital in the firm?
04:10 What’s your attitude when negotiating digital royalty rates for new artists and how does that differ from heritage artists?
05:30  Your panel is about interactive music applications, have you seen anything exciting in this space recently?
07:00 Are you seeing new types of licenses coming through to standardise licensing of music for interactive uses?
09:30 Is the wider integration of streaming services APIs into third party apps going to lead to more “interactive” uses of the music and how will the industry react?
11:20 We’ve seen Beats Music come to market with a fixed rate for all rights holders, could this be adopted by more companies going forward?
12:30 Talking about rates, we’ve been talking about the rates saga currently ongoing in US courts, what’s your take?

SXSW 2014: Paul M. Fakler, Partner at Arent Fox LLP

Andrea Leonelli from Digital Music Trends interviews Paul M. Fakler from Arent Fox LLP

01:00 Let’s talk about your SXSW Session which was focused on the history of compulsory rates and rate courts.
04;24 Are rates unsustainable?
05:10 So publishers want their rates increased but master owners do not want theirs lowered, and in a context where service providers are mostly operating at a loss that makes for a tough situation right?
08:40 Paul explains how the rates ended up being so high for internet radio services.
10:04 Do you think that if the rates were lowered that would lead to a more sustainable ecosystem?
11:10 We talk about ASCAP and BMI’s rate courts, what are the latest developments?
16:00 Paul talks about selective withdrawal or rights by music publishers.
17:40 But Selective withdrawal is going to have a negative impact on smaller publishers right?
19:10 Are the big publishers ever going to be happy if they have to stay with ASCAP and BMI for their digital rights?
21:00 Paul talks about lobbying efforts to get the Consent Decree changed.
24:20 Paul covers the problem of pre-1972 sound recordings and the issues around pre-1972 recordings that have been registered as “remastered” works to grant them federal protection.

SXSW 2014: Lita Rosario, President of WYZ Girl Entertainment

Andrea Leonelli From Digital Music Trends interviews WYZ Girl Entertainment‘s Lita Rosario.

00:55: What is your background?
02:25: What are termination rights and how do they work?
04:40: What is the potential effect of termination rights?
05:30 So this only started becoming available last year right?
09:05 Have there been legal actions from labels disputing the termination rights?
Lita mentions the Bob Marley case and the Village People case
13:15 What’s happening with the review of the Copyright Act?