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Digital Music Trends Started in March 2009. Inspired by so many great podcasts that I was listening to I decided to create one completely dedicated to the digital music industry.




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  1. Andrea, hey. So I just checked back, I think the group was asking for a donation not to pay the bill on the email. But, if you paid, that’s probably alright, I’m donating 😉


  2. HEY!

    Just saw your site and loved the content! I wanted to reach out because my company just released an infographic that interest you. The IG addresses the resurgence of vinyl’s popularity in the music world. Please give it a look at earliest convenience!


    If this is something your readers might like, do not hesitate to put it up on your site!
    There is an embed code located below the image for you to copy and paste to your webpage

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

    Killer Infographics

  3. Hi,Andrea Leonelli.
    My name is Wenke Zhang (Allen), an international journalism from University of Central Lancashire in the UK. I am doing a story about digital music. Could I have an interview with you? If you can help me with the interview, I will appreciate it very much. Waiting for your reply.

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